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Why Selling Your Car to A Private Buyer in Vancouver Can Turn Out to Be A Mistake?

Posted on 06th, Aug 19

You may think that Selling Car to a Private Buyer in Vancouver is the only way to get a fair cash price for the car. Guess again. Selling the car to a private buyer can be a mistake and a mistake that could cost the seller in the end. Mega Cash for Cars Vancouver offers the following information on why selling your car to a private buyer is a mistake to avoid.

The Risks Involved in Selling Car to A Private Buyer in Vancouver

Some mistakes can be made when selling a car, and the mistakes are more significant when selling the car to a private buyer. Consider this:

  • The mistake of not disclosing specific information on the car. The buyer purchases the car, and drives are away with the car. There’s one thing. You hear from the buyer in a week, saying that you did not disclose specific information and that leaves you vulnerable. Will legal action be taken? That is up to the buyer.
  • The mistake of not getting cash for the car. A cheque may look appealing, but when selling a car, you should obtain a cash payment so that you know there is no possible way the payment can fail.
  • The mistake of not having all paperwork correctly filled out so that a smooth transfer of ownership occurs. The last thing you want is the liability of the car.
  • The mistake of investing more in the car than its worth. If your car needs repairs of $1500, and it’s market value is around $1500, then it is a mistake to invest in the costs of repairs.
  • The mistake of not having the car adequately valuated. It is essential that you get a fair price for your car. Check the Blue Book value, classifieds for like makes & conditions, and know the value of your car so that you price it accurately.

Mega Cash for Cars Vancouver offers car sellers a car sale without mistakes involved. We are leading Car Buyers in Vancouver that pay cash for cars of every make & condition, valuating the cars accurately, and buying them in “As Is” condition, whatever the condition. Get a quote by calling us at the number below or visit our homepage for an online quote.

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