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Where to Find an Eco-friendly Car Removal Company in Vancouver?

Posted on 22th, Sep 19

Vancouver is ranked among the world’s most liveable cities. It isn’t hard to see why. The city puts sustainability and the environment at the top of its list. Just the way we do at Mega Cash for Cars Vancouver. Sell Your Car for Cash in Vancouver today. It’s simple, quick and easy to do.

We buy scrap cars, which we dispose of thoughtfully, for you

The environment is a responsibility we all bear. We get that at Mega Cash for Cars Vancouver. Which is why we do our part the way we all must.

At Mega Cash for Cars, we know that the paint on cars is toxic to the environment. When it seeps into the Earth, it kills the wildlife in it. 

So, what we do, is make sure we use chemical-free soaps and shampoos to get the paint off the metal bodies of cars before we recycle them. 

A good market exists for used car parts 

This is why recycle whatever car parts we can. Those parts we cannot recycle, we degrease using soaps, solvents and shampoos – and dispose off in ways we know will not hurt the environment.

We pay you a fair price for your old car with Eco-friendly Car Removal

Should you wish to sell your old car, we are happy to give you a price for it over the phone itself. We have many years of experience in this business, which means we have the expertise and skill needed to provide accurate quotes over the phone, saving you time and effort in finding out how much your car is worth. 

At Mega Cash for Cars Vancouver, we try and throw in a few extra dollars for vehicles we purchase 

It’s a goodwill gesture on our part. And one of the reasons our customers refer us to their friends and keep coming back to us to sell their old or used vehicles.

We see value in every vehicle no matter what its condition is 

Your car may lack tyres. Its engine may be missing. Its windscreen wipers may not work. We still want it and will pay you a good price for it. 

Why people use cash for car services across the world: 

  •  Cash for car dealers pays cash upfront.
  • They don’t haggle on price.
  • They provide value that’s fair and just. 
  • They pick up your vehicle from your home. 
  • They throw in extras like FREE paperwork assistance and garage cleanouts. 
  • They don’t quibble over small things.

All cash for car dealers are not created equal 

Some cash for car dealers provides better value than others.  Their prices are higher and the service they deliver is better too. Friendlier, more courteous. 

Courtesy takes you a long way these days. So, it’s no surprise that it’s a key component of what we invest in our business. 

Sell your car to us at Mega Cash for Cars and enjoy good car-ma 

The peace of mind that comes from knowing your vehicle will be dutifully and diligently taken care off. 

When a vehicle has served you well, the last thing you want to see is it being put out to pasture. Yet, this is sometimes necessary. At Mega Cash for Cars Vancouver, we take care to ensure that every vehicle we buy off you is treated with care and respect as we take it apart and recycle the metal. 

A credentialled, green-friendly company, we understand the state of the environment as well as the State of Vancouver does, and are determined to play our part in improving it. 

To sell your old car – it could be any make or model – please call us at 7787 735 117.