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Can I Get Cash for My Wrecked Car in Vancouver?

Posted on 25th, Jan 20

Car owners with cars in a wrecked condition often wonder if there is a way to get cash for their vehicles. Most are not DIY mechanics, so pulling any working parts or dismantling the car for fenders, doors, headliners, etc. isn’t something that they can do. If you are a DIY mechanic and have the knowledge and tools to dismantle your car, you could pick up a few dollars by reselling working parts and components. There is another option that doesn’t have you giving up your weekend to get Cash For Wrecked Car. Let Mega Cash for Cars Vancouver tell you how.

Cash For Wrecked Car Vancouver

How to Get Cash for Wrecked Car in Vancouver?

There is a way to get Cash For Wrecked Car in Vancouver, aside from dismantling it yourself and advertising used parts & components for sale. Mega Cash for Cars Vancouver recycles wrecked cars. With a wrecked condition car, the engine may not be intact, but there are many parts under the hood. Those parts are made of metals and semi-precious metals which bring more value to the recycling of the car. The car is also comprised of over 50% steel, which also can be recycled. With our recycling standards, car owners get top cash for car on the spot. So, how do you sell your wrecked car to us? Let us tell you how.

Selling Your Wrecked Car to Mega Cash for Cars Vancouver

Firstly, Mega Cash for Cars Vancouver wants to purchase your car for its scrap metals. What’s under the hood, and the body of the car, as well as other parts & components. We are prepared to offer you a price for the car that we think you will accept. To get the cash quote that we are waiting to give you, please contact us over the phone or online. All quotes are provided with no obligation to accept. Once a quote is provided to a wrecked car owner, it is entirely up to the owner as to whether they would like to accept our offer. Offers that are accepted are followed with a free car removal that is scheduled by the customer. Yes. You choose the time that you would like us to sell car for cash to us.

Get A Non-Obligational Quote

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