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Selling A Used Car Checklist – Important Do’s and Don’t!

Posted on 19th, Jul 22

It can be more profitable to earn cash for cars Vancouver privately than to trade it in at the dealership, but you need to do your homework to ensure you receive the best offer and steer clear of any issues that could crop up.

selling used car vancouver

Guidelines for Selling a Used Car Directly from the Owner

Here is a list of short dos and don’ts to make selling your car easier.


  • Do: Look up websites online to help you estimate the cost of your car based on comparisons with other models.
  • Do: Gather all paperwork related to your car, including the title, invoices for repairs, and any other records that might be useful to a buyer.
  • Do: Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your car. As many items as you can remove from your automobile, ensure the exterior is spotless and the windows are gleaming. Make the car feel as “new” as possible to the customer.
  • Do: Have your mechanic evaluate the car so that you are aware of any problems a possible buyer’s mechanic may discover when inspecting the car. By following this, you can be safe from any surprises or embarrassment that could lower your asking price if the buyer tries to use it against you.


  • Don’t: Advertise without good, clear pictures that were preferably taken on a sunny day. Going with the phrase “what you see is what you get” and “a picture is worth a thousand words” in your advertisement since buyers want to know these things.
  • Don’t: Exaggerate the features of your car in your ads. For example, you might receive many calls and “lookers” if you falsely describe the vehicle’s condition, age, or mileage, but you’ll waste your time and their time if you do so.
  • Don’t: Stay away from cons. Finding interested buyers for your car online is a terrific way to do it for car removal Vancouver, but it exposes you to fraudsters. Use common sense and only sell your automobile to a nearby buyer who will pick it up in person and pay cash. Requests for autos to be shipped and money to be wired are false. Be alert; if something seems strange, leave.

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If you follow these helpful suggestions, you’ll quickly find a buyer for a hassle-free private seller sale, get rid of that old automobile, and bank the additional cash you earned!

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